What this blog is about

Hello all, I’m Penny and what you have found here is a guide for those of you that love sitting in cafes or pubs and watching the world go by. What I’m doing here is running around London finding places that I think are really great, taking photos, writing about them and then posting them up here for all to see… and now I’ve started taking pictures of interesting creative people in interesting creative spaces too. I like to capture the space just how it is, just how the owner lives there, I think that way you can capture the person’s character more strongly.

I started this blog because I’d just quit my job as a graphic designer and decided to go on holiday for as long as possible, at least until the money ran out anyway. I’m not much of a backpacker and I don’t like poverty so I decided to go live buy topiramate 100 mg with a friend in Los Angeles, Venice beach to be exact. I only knew about three people so I had a lot of free time. I just ate frozen yogurt at Penguins everyday. One afternoon I was searching the internet for the restaurant featured in Quentin Tarantino’s film Reservoir Dogs, the scene where Mr. Brown is talking about the meaning of Madonna’s song ‘Like a Virgin’ when inspiration struck. This, I must point out, is what I love about LA – it’s full of places that either feature in iconic movie scenes or were the last place so-and-so ate before they killed themselves. Hollywood is so romantic. Anyway it occurred to me that I should write a blog featuring my favorite places in London, the kind of places Sebastian Horsley, the Kray’s and Isabella Blow would have gone, the kind of places that make London so great.