Wednesday 31 March, 2010



What is it about vegetarian cafes that they always appear to attract homeless and crazy people? Why does there always have to be some freak with Tourette’s singing in the corner? Camden has more than its fair share of weirdo’s anyway. The council have tried in vain to kick out the hippies by getting rid of the market and trying to make Camden look more like Wapping but these people are like herpes they never go away. Unfortunately having a vegetarian cafe in Camden is like putting a gun shop in a prison. Nevertheless I’m a huge fan as they have such a great and varied selection of vegan and vegetarian food from cakes to salads and stews, smoothies, chai lattes and hot apple and ginger cider, even vegan icecream! Inspiral sits right on the canal and has a lovely atmosphere although there’re still too many heads of dreadlocks for my liking.

Inspiral, 250 Camden High Street, Camden, London, NW1 8QS
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