Dear Tourist

Dear Tourist,

We are not known for being welcoming to tourists here in London. We have no patience when they try to scan their paper tube ticket on the oyster card reader, or when they insist on holding hands so they don’t get separated or when they stand on the left of the escalator when clearly no one else is. However the point where I feel really sorry for them is the sad and pathetic sight of a couple in an Aberdeen Steak House (guide books should warn that places like this only exist for the purpose of money laundering). I am actually extremely helpful to tourists, it goes against my nature, I hate to give favours, I never lend, I don’t take phone messages (even when I’m paid to) but when a tourist needs directions I will actually get out my pen and draw them a detailed map pointing out significant landmarks along way. I hate going to a new city and having no idea where to go. This is when you end up in awful places and your experience of a city is severely tainted. I am very particular about where I eat, where I shop etc.. you will never hear me say “that’s fine whatever, I’m easy”.

I am neither a food critic or food writer, I just love good (and cheap) food and stylish places with lots of atmosphere. I also like to shop. In this blog I visit all my favourite things about living in a city, whether it be the best places for breakfast, dinner, going to the cinema or shopping. I’m choosing places that are worth travelling from one side of London to the other for. In essence I am just paying homage to some of my favourite places in London.

Love Penny