Sunday 11 April, 2010

The Little Theatre of Dolls



Raisa and Frida are Scandinavian illustrators, puppeteers and the creators of the Little Theatre of dolls a travelling puppet show.

What is your favourite restaurant in London?
We can never remember the names of the places we go. This morning we looked up a place that we like in Soho, we looked it up for the interview, we were thinking we have to be able to come up with something… It’s called Lorelei, it’s a pizza place, you can walk past it a million times and not see it as it always looks closed. We like it there, not particularly because of the food, the food is kind of okay, but just because you can bring your own wine, which is really nice, they have quite nice pizza though. There’s something quite ramshackle about the place, which is what we really like. It’s old fashioned and apparently hasn’t changed since the 50’s or something. It feels like you’re walking into another world.

Dalston is nice, we like the Turkish restaurants, what is that one with the lentil soup? Is it, oh my god I can’t remember, Someni? Or something weird like that, it’s really cheap but it’s good food. If you order the lentil soup, well it used to cost £2.50 but now it costs, I think, £3.50 but you get all this bread, lots and lots of pickles and then nice Turkish tea afterwards, it’s not really that beautiful in there but it is quite nice. Also have you been to Dotori? Frida took me there it’s in Finsbury Park, it’s a Korean restaurant, it’s like the best food in London, we were totally in Heaven, it’s also Japanese, they do really good sushi.

Is there somewhere near where you live or work that you like to go?

Our studio is near London Fields and Broadway Market. Somehow Broadway Market doesn’t really appeal, it feels like people go there to show themselves off, they sit there drinking coffee and watching other people, but we do love the market on Saturday, it’s nice to go sometimes and have a coffee at the stall, we really do like that. It’s kind of a fashion show all the time and you feel like you have to look your best to go there in case someone sees you. You can’t go there wearing shit clothes and no make up.

What is your greatest extravagance in where you like to eat or drink out?

We would probably buy an expensive bottle of wine in a fancy wine bar. We are so bad, even if we are really broke, sometimes we will go to Sainsbury’s and get the most expensive wine they’ve got and think this must be nice it costs £13.

Another really interesting restaurant, although not necessarily cheap, is LMNT, have you been there? Frida did you come to my birthday? buy klonopin uk It’s amazing, outside they have Egyptian Sphinx’s all in gold, and the décor inside, it’s crazy. Actually another place, if we were to splash out is a theatre restaurant on Drury lane called Sarastro, you can have an opera singer at your table whilst you’re eating if you want and people get really dressed up.

Where is your favourite place to have breakfast?
We actually love that place on Stoke Newington Church Street, we don’t really go there as such, we’ve just been there twice, it’s a Turkish place, the Dervish? Frida is it the Dervish? Frida had a really bad English breakfast and was so jealous as I had the Turkish breakfast which was so good.

Do you have a favourite Café?

There’s a café in Covent Garden that people talk about, again I don’t remember the name (Monmouth Coffee Cafe) but they say you get high from the coffee, it’s really really weird, they have different types of coffee which are freshly brewed and you can choose if you want Colombian or whatever and every day they have a different one. We didn’t believe it but then we went there and we were just like oh my god we totally got high, I don’t know what it was and it seemed like everyone around us was really high too. What’s it called? It’s so annoying I’m really bad with names…..It has a reputation, people talk about it, I’ll look it up. Drinking their coffee is like taking speed.

When and where are you happiest in London
We really like cycling the canals in the spring time, we really love that. It could be lots of different places, perhaps the park, or swimming in the ponds in Hampstead Heath, oh yes the women’s ponds, we like that. We lived for a while in a horrible place in Liverpool Street but you could go up on the roof, that was just amazing, we would go up and dance there and you could see the sun setting. Liverpool street is so busy and not a place we would choose to live but still kind of interesting because there are all these business men around, but then on the roof we were out of it and it was romantic.

Also one place we want to mention, we just discovered it, we were really hung over one day and we’d seen this Turkish Bath Hamam in Dalston. It always appeared to be closed but we found out they have women only days. You have to go there, it’s made out of stone and in the middle they have a giant stone table which you can lie on and its hot, its hot stone and there’s steam coming off it like eucalyptus, it’s just amazing, you can spend the whole day there, oh it’s really just amazing.

photos by Tom Medwell



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