Wednesday 30 December, 2009

Café 1001 – Brick Lane


I feel like I should include Café 1001, mainly because I used to love it before it became a massive tourist trap. It used to be relatively small and full of trendy Spanish hippy types smoking weed (it wasn’t legal exactly, they just turned a blind eye).  Now it’s four times the size and has expanded into a club too.  It’s still full of  Spanish hippy types though, suffice to say it’s pretty grungy, way too much so for me now.  It does have comfy chairs and a dark and cosy upstairs which is quite nice. It’s totally heaving most of the time buy xanax michigan probably because of the abundance of great and very cheap food such as salads, pastries, baked potatoes and so on, they serve coffee and alcohol and do a great BBQ. On a weekend it feels like 80% of London’s fashion population has congregated here to see and be seen. It’s great for people-watching and observing the Shoreditch art and fashion student crowd dressed in their “I’ve just moved to London from Nottingham and now dress like an extra from Nathan Barley” get-up before they grow out of it.

Café 1001, 1 Dray walk, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1
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